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Argentine Tango lessons in Coconut Creek

Dance-Flavor offers affordable and fun-filled private Argentine Tango lessons in Coconut Creek and other locations in South Florida. Learn all aspects of this sensuous and beautiful dance in no-stress private sessions, and be ready to dance the night away!


Argentine Tango is more a life-style than a dance. Learning the steps in this dance is about as useful as learning how to swim from a book! Tango must be lived and breathed! You must listen for the music, let it speak to you. The music, your heart, and your partner tell you want to do, not your teacher. There are no steps in Tango - it is pure improvisation. Even when Argentine Tango is danced on stage in a performance, it is often improvised.

That said, you have to start somewhere, and Dance-Flavor dance lessons are always tailored directly to your needs. You will learn all that is necessary to become a great Argentine Tango dancer. From acquiring new techniques and ideas, to honing the skills you may already possess, each lesson is always aimed at letting you reach your highest dance potential.

 As with most dances, Argentine Tango has many styles and techniques, but they are all of no use to you, if you feel nothing when you dance. Argentine Tango is the only dance in the world where you can just walk in circles the entire night, simply holding your partner in an embrace, without ever changing your step or your rhythm, and still have a wonderful time! But you can't do that thoughtlessly! In order for your Tango to work, you must attach a feeling to it. How do you feel at the moment - happy? sad? jealous? angry? content? quiet? thoughtful? If you feel anything at all, go ahead and express it with this amazing dance!

Milonga is another one of the Argentine styles. It is similar to Argentine Tango in its movement, but is danced to a more upbeat, and playful type of music.

Please visit my youtube channel to see Argentine Tango tutorials, or CONTACT to start learning Tango.


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