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This dance style is native to New York, but is danced all around the world. You should learn to dance on 2, if you plan to attend a Salsa Congress anywhere in the world, or if you are planning a trip to any city with a Salsa scene.

New York style Salsa on 2 is all about musicality, self-expression and pure movement. The basic (clave) rhythm consists of two steps forward and one step back (1-2-3), and the reverse, two steps back and one step forward (5-6-7). We also accent different instruments with our hands, shoulders, upper body, and head.

This is a natural, easy way of dancing that is programed into our bodies by nature itself, and at Jacksonville Ballroom and Latin, we will help you find the rhythm in your own body!



 Salsa on 1 is an umbrella term for many styles of Salsa that are danced on the first beat of music. The general basic pattern is one step forward, one step back and a step together (1-2-3), and the reverse one step back, one step forward and a step together (5-6-7). Both Cuban Style and New York style Salsa skip the 4th and the 8th beat of the measure.

 Many people, especially beginner students, find Cuban style Salsa easier to dance because of the single step forward or back. However, dancing a different style of Salsa is just like speaking a different, but closely related language (think Spanish and French). We recommend that you try both. This way you will be able to dance with anybody anywhere in the world comfortably.


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