Dance Lessons in multiple locations throughout South Florida.

Wedding Dance Lessons in Boca & S. Florida

Wedding dances include most traditional Ballroom and Latin dances, such as Foxtrot, Waltz, Cha-cha, Hustle, Swing, Salsa, and other dances. But there are no rules when it comes to your first dance!

Whether you want to impress your wedding guests with a beautiful choreography, or just want to avoid falling on your face on the dance floor, we are here to help! Dance-Flavor is your trusted adviser for anything Wedding-Dance related - we can recommend and help you edit first dance songs, show you how to adjust your dance moves to your dance floor, create a choreography, or show you how to dance together to different types of music.

Please, CONTACT US with a little bit about what you are looking for, and the date of your wedding! Dance-Flavor is your primary source for your Wedding Dance Lessons in Miami and Fort Lauderdale area.


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